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Labor Union

  Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda Tire Co., Ltd. Trade Union Committee

   Union Member

  1. Chairman of the Trade Union Committee: Sun Hong

   Vice Chairman: Xie Zhongshan

  2. Director of the Funding Review Committee: Shi Feng

   Deputy Director: Liu Xinyue

  3. Director of the Female Staff Committee: Cang Cui

  4. Trade union members: (130 people)

Chen Yuxi, Meng Ning, Yang Yunhao, Zhang Bo, Wang Xuehong, Wang Ruihong, Wu Di, Zhang Nan, Li Yan, Han Xuezhu, Yu Zhaohui, Guo Shuming, Ning Wenchao, Zhou Liyuan, Liu Yang, Li Yujun, Yu Haibo, Liu Kunpeng, Liu Tianshui , Li Tiezhu, Li Zhiguo, Wang Hongjun, Yang Yuqian, Bai Hua, Guo Yaquan, Han Xuehai, Kou Lei, Liang Feifei, Yang Jianhua, Wang Hongxia, Liu Xiaoguang, Fang Jianjun, etc. 130 people.

  2. Purpose and Responsibilities of the Trade Union

A mature and successful enterprise must have the participation and supervision of the labor union to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, understand and grasp the demands and voices of the employees, promptly report to the company, solve problems in a timely manner, and demand correction of the behavior of the enterprise that violates the legitimate rights and interests of employees and labor unions . At the same time, it resolves various labor disputes, educates and guides employees to consciously abide by the company's various rules and regulations, strives to complete production and work tasks, strives to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, and exerts positive energy for the development and growth of the enterprise and the increasing regularization.

   Union Responsibilities:

  1. Trade unions must abide by and uphold the Constitution, take the Constitution as the fundamental principle of activity, focus on economic development, adhere to the leadership of the Party, and carry out work independently and independently in accordance with the Trade Union Law and the trade union charter.

  2. The trade union participates in the management of enterprise administrative affairs and the construction of democratic politics in accordance with the law. The trade union organizes employees to participate in the democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision of the unit through the workers' congress and other forms.

  3. The trade union organizes staff training and carries out staff education activities to continuously improve the ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality of the staff and workers, and build a workforce with ideals, ethics, culture and discipline.

  4. Focusing on the production and operation of the enterprise, organize employees to carry out labor competitions, provide rationalization suggestions, technological innovation and other economic and technological innovation activities, and give full play to the main role of employees in the production and operation of the enterprise.

  5. It is the basic duty of the trade union to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees in accordance with the law. The trade union coordinates labor relations and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the employees of the enterprise through equal consultation and the collective contract system.

  6. Carry out mass publicity and education activities, carry out cultural and sports activities beneficial to physical and mental health, and guide and educate employees with advanced corporate culture.

  7. Give full play to the role of trade union members, promote everyone to care for work, care for the lives of employees, and do a good job in collective welfare.

  8. Establish and improve labor unions, actively participate in occupational safety and health management, and do a good job in labor protection. Supervise and assist enterprises to improve working conditions, fulfill corporate social responsibilities, participate in production safety inspections and publicity, and protect employees from harm at work.

  9. The trade union, together with the enterprise, shall educate the employees to take ownership of their work, care for the property of the country and the enterprise, and organize the employees to carry out mass rationalization proposals.

  3. The nature of trade unions

  The trade union is a mass organization of the working class in which workers and workers voluntarily unite, represents and safeguards the interests of the majority of workers, is a bridge and link between enterprises and the masses of workers, and is a separate organization under the guidance of the enterprise and not under the leadership of the enterprise.

  4. Rights and Responsibilities of Trade Union Members

  1. Reflect the opinions and suggestions of the masses and propose solutions.

  2. Propaganda and implement the party and state guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on the life of employees.

  3. Organize and carry out mutual aid and mutual aid activities for employees.

  4. Assist and supervise relevant departments to improve the collective welfare of employees.

  5. Make full use of various cultural facilities to carry out various amateur cultural activities.

  6. Go deep into reality and the masses to carry out in-depth and meticulous ideological and political work for employees.

  5. Sources of funds for trade union activities

  1. All hourly and piece-rate employees of this enterprise shall hand in 5 yuan of activity funds per month.

  2. The monthly subsidy activity fund of the enterprise is the number of funds handed in by all employees.

  6. Management and use of activity funds

  1. All activity funds shall be kept by Sun Hong, the chairman of the trade union, or Xie Zhongshan, the vice chairman. Shi Feng, director of the Fund Review Committee, or Zhang Tianqing, deputy director, will regularly or irregularly review the use of funds and the remaining amount.

  2. The main purpose of the funds is to support the employees in difficulty, the funds for publicity activities, the funds for cultural and sports activities, the funds for providing warmth, the funds for employee education and the funds for activities related to the employees.

  7. About the main work and development of the trade union in 2015

  1. Set up a volunteer service team headed by the trade union to carry out warm-hearted activities every month, visit employees in need, condolences to orphans and widows, and do public welfare activities for the community.

  2. Launched employee birthday packages, electronic screen blessings, SMS blessings, and the company invested to customize birthday meals for each birthday employee.

  3. Use holidays to carry out various cultural and sports activities, so that employees can relax and feel happy in their busy work (such as song competitions, tug-of-war competitions and other useful activities).

  4. On "March 8th Women's Day", give out holiday souvenirs to each female employee.

  5. According to climate change, each employee will be provided with cooling and heat-relieving supplies in summer.

  6. With the goal of improving the quality of employees and the overall level of trade union work, actively organize various activities to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the trade union organization.

7. Focus on the publicity and education activities of the trade unions to publicize the party's principles, policies, and the development situation of the enterprise, form a correct public opinion orientation in the enterprise, improve the ideological and moral quality of employees, increase their enthusiasm for work, and contribute to social development and enterprise progress. .