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Company Culture


our perspective

1. Belief: Employees and the company have common interests and dreams, and work together with the boss to do a great business.

2. Self-confidence: optimistic and friendly, with the belief of winning; only the unexpected, but not the impossible.

3. Life: work happily and enjoy life!

4. Customers: wholeheartedly produce products with high quality and quantity for customers, and create benefits for customers.

5. Principle: System first, boss second!

6. Pragmatic: The key to work is not only to ask questions, but also to formulate executable plans and solve problems thoroughly.

7. Standard: aim first in everything

8. Team: Unity as one, its profit breaks gold, hundreds of rivers and seas can shake the sky, and unity is stronger than gold.

9. Criticism: Criticism is a kind of love, mistakes are not terrible, what is terrible is the lack of courage to admit and improve.

10. Review: blame others first, I am the root of everything.

11. Gratitude: Be a person with a grateful heart and do business with love.





Our core philosophy

1. Survival concept: I win if you win. Stay awake when you succeed, and work harder when you fail. I am proud of the prosperity of the factory, and ashamed of the failure of the factory. If you don't like it, you will worry, if you don't advance, you will retreat.

2. Growth philosophy: Suffering is a required course for successful people.

3. Development concept: open mind, strengthen learning and understanding, advocate change, constantly break the balance and move forward in a spiral.

4. Innovative ideas: diligent observation, positive thinking, attention to detail, and the courage to innovate.

5. Business philosophy: help customers realize their dreams, help employees realize their dreams, and realize corporate dreams by the way.

6. Sales philosophy: sell with love, and believe that the products and services you sell can bring more value to customers. Sell ​​ideas before selling products, sell reputation before selling products, sell feelings before selling products, sell solutions before selling products.

7. Management philosophy: set an example first and then manage, manage first and then manage, large enterprises manage people and small enterprises manage affairs. Promote humanized management, emotional intelligence management, and institutionalized management.

8. Service concept: customer-centric and quick response, and use service to move customers.

9. Quality concept: When there is a conflict between quality and cost, quality comes first. When there is a conflict between quality and output, quality comes first.

10. Work philosophy: work harder than hard work, and be more attentive than attentive, and you are the highest responsible person and expert in this position.

11. The philosophy of being a man: Stressing principles, keeping order, being honest and understanding self-discipline.

12. The concept of employing people: it is best not to choose the best match, it is people-oriented, conforms to human nature, and is suitable for reasons. It is cheapest to use excellent people, and the most expensive to use mediocre people. Those who have virtue and talents are reused, those who have virtue and no talents are cultivated, and those who have talents and no virtues are not used.

13. Communication concept: empathy and heart-to-heart.

14. Remuneration concept: there is reward if there is achievement, and there is only shame if there is no achievement. Hard work does not equal credit, without credit there is no hard work. Exchange your results for the rewards you deserve.

15. Promotion concept: character is a pass, performance is the right to speak, and cultivated talents can be promoted.

16. Success concept: Ordinary people pursue their goals, outstanding people surpass their goals, and outstanding people create miracles.

17. Saving concept: Gross income is sold each time, and net profit is saved each time.

18. Execution concept: conscientiousness first, smart second, focusing on details, and winning in execution.