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Welfare Treatment

Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda employee benefits

        In order to protect the interests of employees, enhance the cohesion of the company, and reduce the worries of employees, according to the "Labor Law of the People's Republic of China", "Liaoning Province Social Insurance Management Law" and other laws and regulations, combined with the characteristics and actual conditions of Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda Tire Co., Ltd., special Formulate the Employee Welfare System.


        Article 1 Welfare treatment refers to the remuneration given by the company to employees in addition to post wages and bonuses and other labor remuneration, and is an important part of the company's remuneration system. Establishing a good welfare system can increase employees' attachment to the enterprise, thereby increasing the cohesion of the enterprise.

        Article 2 The welfare benefits listed in this system are determined according to national regulations and the company's own conditions

        Article 3 This system applies to Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda Tire Co., Ltd.

        Chapter 1 Types of Welfare Treatment

        Article 4 The welfare treatment provided by the company includes the welfare treatment implemented according to the state regulations, as well as the welfare treatment set according to the enterprise's own conditions.

        Article 5 According to national policies and regulations, the insurances participating in the overall planning include:

        (1) Endowment insurance

        (2) Medical insurance

        (3) Unemployment Insurance

        (4) Industrial and commercial insurance

        (5) Maternity insurance

        Article 6 The Foreign Affairs Office is responsible for uniformly handing over the overall insurance and funds to the relevant government departments, and recording them in the personal endowment insurance manual.

        Article 7 Other benefits for enterprise establishment include:

        (1) Subsidy and welfare

        (2) Vacation benefits

        (3) Retirement benefits

        (4) Training benefits

        (5) Facility benefits

        (6) Tourism benefits

        (7) Accommodation benefits

        Chapter II Standard of Benefits and Benefits

        Article 8 Endowment insurance: According to the relevant policies and regulations of Liaoning Province, the company pays endowment insurance for employees every month. In addition, individuals need to pay 8%.

        Article 9 Unemployment Insurance: According to the relevant policies and regulations of the state, the company pays unemployment insurance for employees every month. Workers themselves are not entitled to unemployment insurance.

        Article 10 Work-related injury insurance: According to the relevant policies and regulations of the state, the company pays work-related injury insurance for employees every month.

        Article 11 Basic medical insurance: According to the relevant policies and regulations of the state, the company pays basic physiotherapy insurance for employees every month.

        Article 12 Maternity Insurance:

        Article 13 The subsidies and benefits provided by the company include:

        (1) Items for high temperature and heat relief

        (2) Labor protection items

        (3) Other subsidies stipulated by the company.

        Article 14 Vacation benefits:

        (1) Marriage leave: 3 days of marriage leave for employees of appropriate age, and 10 days of marriage leave for employees who meet the conditions for late marriage stipulated by the state (25 years old for males and 23 years old for females);

        (2) Maternity leave: 90 days maternity leave for female employees, 105 days maternity leave for female employees, and 7 days maternity leave for male employees, which can be used in combination. Pregnant workers who have miscarriage within four months (including spontaneous abortion and artificial abortion). 15-30 days of maternity leave; 42 days of maternity leave for miscarriage after 4 months of pregnancy. (All need to provide a diagnosis certificate from a formal medical department)

        (3) Breastfeeding leave: After the female employee's leave expires, if she has difficulty in going to work, she can apply for and approve the breastfeeding leave, with a maximum of 270 days.

        (4) Family leave: Unmarried employees whose parents live in other places or are separated by husband and wife are entitled to a family visit once a year, and the leave is 20 days (including round-trip travel). Married employees whose parents live out of town are entitled to family leave every four years.

        (5) Bereavement leave: 3 days of bereavement leave for the death of immediate family members (parents, spouses, children) of employees.

        (6) Work-related injury leave: During the working period, injuries related to the work related to the job shall be regarded as work-related injuries. Work-related injuries must be certified by a designated hospital, apply for work-related injuries, and be approved by the department head and reported to the Enterprise Management Department for the record. Any employee who is injured by violating the operating procedures and the company's relevant regulations shall, in principle, be responsible for the consequences.

Article 15 Education and training benefits: According to the assessment results, the enterprise management department formulates a training plan and organizes the implementation, so that the employees' knowledge, skills, attitudes and other aspects can be adapted to the constantly changing economic technology and external environment. Education and training benefits include: free on-the-job or short-term off-the-job training for employees, public-funded training, etc. For specific regulations, please refer to the company's "Training Management System".

        Article 16 Facility welfare: The company sets up projects to enrich the business life of employees and cultivate their positive moral sentiments, including creating cultural and entertainment venues, organizing tourism, and carrying out cultural and sports activities. The specific implementation depends on the actual situation of the company.

        Article 17 Birthday benefits: On employees' birthdays, the company will hold birthday celebrations for employees and issue 2 birthday meal tickets.

        Article 18 Health checkup: Company employees can enjoy two factory-regulated checkups and occupational disease prevention checkups provided by the company every year.

        Chapter III Payment of Welfare Treatment

        Article 19 Overall insurance and funds shall be uniformly paid by the Ministry of Finance, and the part that should be paid by individuals shall be deducted from their wages;

        Article 20 The welfare benefits paid in cash shall be issued with the salary of the current month.

        Article 21 Employees who enjoy vacation benefits shall be paid in accordance with the company's "Attendance and Labor Discipline Management System".

        Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions

        Article 22 This system is formulated by the Ministry of Enterprise Management and explained in the supplementary provisions.

        Article 23 This system shall be implemented after being approved by the general manager of the company, and the same shall apply to the revision.

This system shall come into force from the date of promulgation

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