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Quality Assurance Service All-round guarantee of operation
According to industry standards and customer needs, we provide standardized and customized quality assurance services throughout the entire life cycle of projects and products to reassure customers.
Inner tube rubber heat refining
filter, add sulfur
unloading, cooling
Heat refining before extrusion, tire tube
Cool, store, shape
inspection, packaging
According to customer needs, we customize production for customers. The company implements all-weather monitoring of the production process to ensure safe and orderly on-site management. The application of international advanced inner tube research and development and testing equipment ensures excellent product performance.
Serve customers and create greater value
Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda Tire Co., Ltd. always adheres to the core of "focusing on product quality, abiding by contracts and emphasizing credit", and is committed to creating a faster, wider and better customer experience, and strives to meet the needs of more, stronger and more individual customers. .
Production advantage
The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite craftsmanship, including hundreds of new and efficient production equipment and 12 production lines of various types. The above equipment is provided by well-known domestic brands and Taiwanese manufacturers.
Quality Assurance
The company takes science and technology to enhance value, integrity to expand the future, as the business policy. Strict requirements for quality, from raw material purchase process control, finished product inspection are all advanced domestic testing technology.
Energy saving and environmental protection
It is the first in the industry to adopt the auxiliary equipment and feeding control system to ensure the accurate measurement of raw materials and no pollution to the environment.
Network Global Efficient Service Experience
With localized service as the core and intelligent production as the core, we build a service support system with close online and offline coordination, improve service efficiency and response speed, and make high-quality services within reach.
The multilingual service platform customized and developed based on the company's global service business model is highly integrated with various service process management systems, including work order submission, material application, on-site service, as well as information improvement and data analysis after the service is completed. Interactive functions to enhance service experience.