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Help the poor, send warmth, help the poor and show love
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Original: Chen Yuxi, Personnel Department

    Those who fall into the truth think about the tree, and those who drink the flow cherish the source---Huaxing Wanda never forgets its original intention

    As the Chinese New Year in 2019 approaches, in order to ensure a happy, peaceful and stable Spring Festival for Liujiagou Village of Wujianfang and Huaxing Wanda employees in difficulty. Huaxing Wanda launched the activity of "Relieving the Poor, Sending Warmth and True Love, Helping and Showing Love", and presented holiday gifts and condolences to 109 poor families in Wujianfang Town and 36 families of Huaxing Wanda employees in need, wishing them a warm and peaceful life. Spring Festival.

    On January 20, under the leadership of Ji Qiang, general manager of Huaxing Wanda tyre Co., Ltd., Sun Hong, chairman of the labor union and director of the office, Shi Feng, Yang Jianhua, the factory director, and others came to Liujiagou Village, Wujianfang Town, Beipiao City to conduct in-depth research. The condolences and on-the-spot investigation of the villagers, carefully listened to the introduction of the basic situation of the village, and inquired in detail about the poverty alleviation of the poor households in the village, the collective economy, the production and living of the masses, per capita income and infrastructure construction. The branch secretary and village head expressed their gratitude to Huaxing Wanda for their long-term assistance, and thanked the company leaders for their help in getting rid of poverty and becoming rich in Liujiagou Village.

    During the visit, Ji Qiang, Sun Hong, Shi Feng, Yang Jianhua and other company leaders learned about the living conditions and physical conditions of the poor households in detail. Every time he went to a household, he held up the hands of poor family members, and asked them to maintain an optimistic attitude, boost their spirits, and build confidence. At the same time, we will personally deliver holiday greetings, condolence gifts and condolences to them, so that every family in need can feel the warmth of the holiday.

    When the poor family members received the condolences, their eyes filled with excitement.

    Finally, they came to the dormitory-cum-office of the cadres in the village and checked the collection and arrangement of the targeted poverty alleviation household files of the cadres in the village, and explained that the cadres in the village should pay attention to their health, be careful and meticulous, and do a good job in the income statistics of poor households, The infrastructure construction of impoverished villages and the implementation of the long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation and other related work, go all out to continue to work hard for the whole village to get rid of poverty and be healthy.

     On January 21, General Manager Ji Qiang, Trade Union Chairman and Office Director Sun Hong, Factory Director Shi Feng, and Yang Jianhua, on behalf of all employees of Huaxing Wanda tyre, visited some of the employees in difficulty and sent them relief funds, so that the employees in difficulty can stay in the tyre industry. In the cold winter and twelfth lunar month, I deeply felt the warmth and care from the corporate family.

     There are a total of 36 families of workers in need, most of whom are impoverished due to serious illness or accident of themselves or their family members. Wherever they go, the leaders pass on the company's care and help to the employees and their families, and encourage them to maintain a positive attitude, build the confidence to overcome the disease, and strive to pursue a better life.

    Wang Ling, whose father died of lung cancer in 16 years, owes a lot of foreign debts to treat her father's illness, which puts a heavy burden on her shoulders, who are divorced and raise their children alone. The company bailed her out several times after learning of her difficulties. Sun Hong, the chairman of the trade union, encouraged her to maintain an optimistic attitude, work hard, and look forward to life. Wang Ling also expressed that she is very grateful to the company and the superior departments for their care and help. She will not fail everyone's expectations and hope that she can continue to risk her own strength for the company.

    Over the years, the company has customized targeted poverty alleviation targets by going deep into the grassroots level and conducting surveys, striving to make love benefit every family of employees in need.

    Drops of water merge into a big stream, and small kindness shows great love. In the new year, the company will continue to focus on strengthening the construction of a happy enterprise, and strive to make great efforts in this management, so that employees can have a place to live, care for the elderly, depend on the sick, learn from the children, and help the weak. , continuously improve happiness.