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Choose Huaxing Wanda, travel thousands of miles wonderful! Tips on the correct installation method of the inner tube!
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The high temperature in summer is also a high incidence period for the quality of inner tube products. Here, our company warmly reminds our customers to recommend the maintenance and installation workers to use the correct installation method during the product sales process. The correct use method can increase the service life of the inner tube and reduce the quality of the inner tube. It also avoids inconvenience to users caused by product quality problems due to improper installation and other reasons.

1. It is recommended to use talcum powder to install the inner tube according to the following procedures:

1、Prepare a sock for talcum powder 2、Pack talc into socks. 3、Clean the debris in the tyre cavity 4、Confirm that the inner tube gasket and nut are tightened. 5、Fill a sock bag with talc powder, and tap the inner tube surface to evenly apply talc powder to the inner tube surface (lubrication and isolation). 6、Pick up the talc-coated inner tube and sha ke to shake off excess talc (to prevent talc from clumping).
7、Put the sock bag filled with talc powder on the tyre cavity to make the talc powder evenly spread in the tyre cavity. 8、Fill the sock bag with talcum powder and tap the surface of the pad to make the talc evenly spread on the surface of the pad。 9. Pick up the talc coated pad and shake to shake out the excess talc.   10. Lay the inner tube flat into the outer tyre cavity 11. Pour the inner tube
into a small amount of
air to install the pad.
12. Assemble the gasket so that the copper seat of the inner tube valve matches the center hole of the gasket.
13. Use a wrench to pry open the junction between the cushion belt and the tyre cavity to see if the edge of the cushion belt is discounted. If there is a discount, adjust it at any time. 14. Combine the outer tyre and the steel ring, and adjust the valve rod of the inner tyre to the center of the steel ring valve groove again.。 15. When the tyre is inflated, use soapy water to test the valve core and the notch of the valve protruding from the rim to see if there is any airleakage。 16. Install the inner tube
valve protection cap, and confirm once again that
all components are installed.

2. It is recommended not to use detergent water, washing powder water and oil to contact the inner tube. If the above liquid is used, it will cause the following quality problems in the inner tube


3. It is recommended that the majority of car friends, in summer, the temperature is not only high, but also the humidity is high, please pay attention to your tyre condition at any time. Travel safely!

 Thank you all for your support and cooperation with our company! Remind everyone that the weather is hot and hot, please pay attention to rest, prevent heatstroke and cool down!


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