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Huaxing Wanda Tyre's 15 million yuan project was approved

On August 1, the "Environmental Impact Report Form" for the 45t/h boiler project of Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda tyre Co., Ltd. was approved by the Approval Service Bureau of Beipiao Economic Development Zone.

It is understood that the project is located in the Agricultural Products Industrial Park (Light Textile Industrial Park) of Beipiao Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of 15 million yuan, of which 545,000 yuan is invested in environmental protection.

It is learned from the approval document that Huaxing Wanda will dismantle the existing 20t/h coal-fired boiler and build a 45t/h coal-fired steam boiler with corresponding environmental protection facilities.

The company said that three major effects can be achieved through the transformation of coal-fired boilers: the fuel can be burned more fully and energy consumption can be reduced; the air can be distributed evenly, and the fire in the chamber can be concentrated to burn, thereby effectively improving the quality of the exhaust gas; it can effectively improve the steam The utilization rate of waste heat and thereby reduce energy consumption. And after the project is put into operation, there will be no production wastewater discharge and no new domestic sewage.