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The government work report mentions this tire company 5 times!

Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda tyre Co., Ltd. was mentioned as many as 5 times in the government work report reviewed at the Second Session of the Ninth People's Congress of Beipiao City, Liaoning Province on December 22, 2018, showing that Huaxing Wanda is in the city's industrial economic construction important position, and a vigorous and courageous development momentum.

The report mentioned that, looking back on the work in 2018, Huaxing Wanda tyre had a total investment of 300 million yuan, and the construction of the three-phase butyl inner tube, cold patch film and cushion tape project with a newly added land of 65 mu was solidly advanced, and the project was successfully completed and put into production. Huaxing Wanda achieved new breakthroughs in the "Belt and Road" market, and achieved an export delivery value of 37 million yuan throughout the year.

Huaxing Wanda has established a good supporting relationship with the listed company Guizhou tyre Co., Ltd., which has laid a good foundation for promoting the enterprise to strengthen management, improve quality and increase its popularity. The company attaches great importance to product brand building and has won the title of Liaoning Famous Brand .

When deploying the work in 2019, the Beipiao Municipal Government has included Huaxing Wanda tyre in the list of giant enterprises to cultivate Cultivation, and relying on Huaxing Wanda tyre to build six major industrial clusters including tyre manufacturing.

The person in charge of Huaxing Wanda said that in fact, the company still has many work highlights in 2018. On November 28, it was named the "Most Influential Enterprise" by the Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch of China Rubber Industry Association, and only 11 companies in the country made the list.

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, Huaxing Wanda tyre has completed the application of the provincial technology research and development center. Establish an industry-university-research cooperation strategic relationship with Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, and jointly carry out research on the technical cooperation project of "waste rubber and shale ash waste utilization" to realize the organic combination of production, study and research, and improve the transformation and value-added rate of scientific and technological achievements.

With the full assistance of the Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the "Provincial Direct Investment Fund Technology Innovation" project applied by Huaxing Wanda tyre has passed the provincial expert review, all procedures have been completed, and the 20 million yuan direct investment fund will be in place in the near future, with the support of policies and funds , which greatly boosted the company's confidence in technological innovation.

The most important thing is that Huaxing Wanda's strategic cooperation will start a new chapter in the new year. On January 6, 2019, the two giants in the domestic butyl inner tube industry - Anji Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. and Chaoyang Huaxing Wanda tyre Co., Ltd. joined forces for strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony was held in Jiangyin, Jiangsu.

According to the agreement signed by the two parties, the inner tube "aircraft carrier" not only deeply cultivates the domestic tyre supporting market, but also radiates the national maintenance market from the Bohai Rim Economic Circle and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, and will also seize the history of the "Belt and Road" construction. Opportunities, "going overseas" to expand the international market, when the time is ripe, build overseas production bases, realize production capacity output, and build into a world-renowned brand in the inner tube industry.